The DEFINITY Productivity

Image quality may be the crucible for digital film recording; but there is also a second part to the equation: How quickly will your investment pay back, and how much money, time and effort will you have to spend keeping it running? If DEFINITY proves that its image quality can satisfy even the highest industry standards, then it will surely delight technicians and accountants.





  • Speed

    From fast, grainy camera negative to super-sharp, grain-free intermediate film for Digital Intermediate; from daylight to tungsten film: DEFINITY spectral characteristics have been balanced to achieve an equally satisfying speed on all available motion picture films. The latest generation of films developed specifically for digital film recording will run at around 1.2s per frame, speeds at which up to three full feature films can be recorded in a single week.

  • Maintenance

    If you have experienced the volatility of laser-based systems and the price tag that comes with mandatory maintenance contracts, you will be delighted by DEFINITY's robustness and simplicity. Occasionally blowing out emulsion dust from around the camera's pin registration is about as complicated as it gets. Clean rooms or dark rooms are not required. Due to the modular and accessible design even the LCD imager itself can be exchanged on the spot in a matter of minutes.

  • Operation

    DEFINITY has been designed to ensure maximum accessibility and user-friendliness. Most day-to-day functions can be entrusted to whoever happens to be on duty, relieving specialists for more critical tasks. Non-standard jobs like fine-tuning image parameters or creating the calibration for a new film stock no longer require film laboratory experience or daylong workshops. DEFINITY seamlessly integrates into the entire digital postproduction workflow, from scanning over grading to color correction.

  • Life

    DEFINITY's enduring components avoid the servicing costs and expensive downtimes resulting from burned-out tubes and diminishing blue lasers: Its light source has a specified half life of more than 80.000 hours of permanent luminosity, which means that you are very unlikely ever having to exchange it. Liquid crystals are temperature-controlled, extending their life practically indefinitely. The 35mm camera employs an absolute minimum of moving parts, cracking down on wear and tear.